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“In a society filled with fear and anxiety, contention and conflict, Christ calls us to be agents of His hope.  We look ahead confidently and boldly, yet full of hope and joy, for what God will accomplish among our students and our community this year!”
 Dr. Dean Nicholas, CHCA Asst. Head of School

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Steve Sideris

Steve Sideris

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Kathy Wesson

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UE Office, Mrs. Kost, Mrs. Lott and Mrs. Wesson
Friday, 01/22/21: Day 2 
Monday 01/25/21: Day 3
Tuesday, 01/26/21: Day 4
Wednesday, 01/27/21: Day 5 
Thursday, 01/28/21: Day 6
Friday, 01/29/21: Day 1
Mr. Dyson, School Counselor for Grades 4-8

Please RSVP.

Not to any specific event or anything, but just in general, please RSVP. When your child gets invited to an event or activity or a party with a friend, please RSVP. And then, if you do RSVP that your child is coming, please make sure they show up. I know that for us adults it might not seem like that big of a deal, and we might just think it has to do with how many cups or paper plates someone needs to buy, but for our students, particularly the younger ones, it is of colossal importance.

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Classroom Spelling Bees 2021
UE Office, Mrs. Kost, Mrs. Lott and Mrs. Wesson

Classroom Spelling Bees took place in classrooms last week. Here are the results: 
> Mrs. Geiger Gr 5: Kyndall Jones and Madeleine Herroitt
> Mrs. Sanderson Gr 5: Grant Wilmer and Morgan Hinman
> Mrs. Layman Gr 6 : Crosley Robeson and Micah Flynn
> Mrs. Pichichero Gr 6: Jillian Turvey and Jacob Lott

Best wishes for you all at the Founders' Campus Gr 5-8 Spelling Bee tomorrow, Friday, 01/22/21!


Spelling Bee 2021
Mrs. Von Ebers, Science Teacher Upper School

Winners from the classroom spelling bees will compete on Friday, 1/22/21 in the schoolwide Bee, which will be broadcast via Zoom 11:30-1:00 p.m. The winners of the schoolwide Bee will go on to compete in the WCPO Regional Spelling Bee scheduled on 02/27/21.

UE Student Newspaper
Mr. Dyson, School Counselor for Grades 4-8

Check out the latest version of the UE student run newspaper


ARTBEAT Auditions
Fine Arts Office

The ArtBeat Homepage is online and audition registrations are open.  Everything you need to know about ArtBeat can be found here:  and on the bulletin board outside the music rooms.

Audition dates are:  02/01/21, 02/03/21, and 02/09/21 - 4:00 – 8:30 p.m

· 01/26/21 at 11:59 p.m. PK-Gr 8 Audition Request Submitted Online 
· 01/27/21 at 3:00 p.m. PK-Gr 8 Signed Form Returned to UE's Important Paper Box in Buckman Commons.