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08/27/20 Meet The Teacher Night Videos

“In a society filled with fear and anxiety, contention and conflict, Christ calls us to be agents of His hope.  We look ahead confidently and boldly, yet full of hope and joy, for what God will accomplish among our students and our community this year!”
 Dr. Dean Nicholas, CHCA Asst. Head of School

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Fine Arts Office

The ArtBeat Homepage is online and audition registrations are open. Everything you need to know about ArtBeat can be found at Audition dates are: 02/01/21, 02/03/21, and 02/09/21 - 4:00p.m. - 8:30p.m.


- 01/26/21 at 11:59p.m. PK-Gr 8 Audition Request Submitted Online

- 01/27/21 at 11:59p.m. PK-Gr8 Signed Form Returned

DeAnne Vallo
Re-enrollment links were sent to all CHCA families this week.  Please check your inbox to re-enroll your child(ren) today! Re-enrollment is due by 02/14/21 to secure your student(s) spot for the 2021-2022 academic year.  Re-enrollments after that date will be accepted on a “space available” basis.  Re-enrollment fees apply to every student.  As always, this deposit is credited toward your 2021-2022 tuition account.

- Re-enroll by 02/14/21:  $75.00 per student

- Re-enroll after 02/14/21:  $150.00 per student


First Annual Ancestral History Cup
Armleder and Founders' UE

The Ancestral History Cup is a UE competition involving both Armleder and Founders' Campus Grades 4-6. Each classroom will form a team that learns various historical facts about the many cultural identities within our student body. Topics will include important historical figures, events, and dates. We are excited about this cross-campus opportunity for UE students to begin to learn more about their ancestors and to recognize we all have ancestral diversity that makes our school and country a wonderful place. Click the header to watch the kickoff video from Mr. Sideris.

Winter MAP Testing K-6, 02/08/21 - 02/10/21
Elizabeth Briggs

Our winter session of MAP testing is right around the corner! Your child will be testing during the week of 02/08/21 – 02/10/21. We appreciate your effort to keep this week free of appointments for your student, and to make sure that they are on time to school every day. It would also be beneficial for them to get a good night’s sleep and eat breakfast before they arrive. Your child’s teachers use this data to help guide their classroom instruction, so it is important that your student be prepared to do their best. If your student is a remote learner, please be on the lookout for something from your child’s teacher about their specific testing time. If your child misses the test for some reason, there will be make-ups on Wednesday and Thursday of the following week.

Armleder Calendar Changes

All athletics (practices / games), arts (rehearsals / performances), and club activities are canceled through Sunday, 04/05/20.

All CHCA buildings and outdoor facilities are closed, including the fields.

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