2020-2021 COVID Updates

“In a society filled with fear and anxiety, contention and conflict, Christ calls us to be agents of His hope.  We look ahead confidently and boldly, yet full of hope and joy, for what God will accomplish among our students and our community this year!”
 Dr. Dean Nicholas, CHCA Asst. Head of School

CHCA Updates

Guiding Ideas ...

"We strongly advocate that all policy considerations for the coming school year should start with a goal of having students physically present in school.”
 The American Academy of Pediatrics

"We know that each school system, and perhaps each school building, will likely look different in the fall. We also know that Ohio has a long history of local control and that school administrators and teachers know their schools best.”
 Governor Mike DeWine

The COVID-19 crisis hits close to home. Support a CHCA family who has been impacted.

See how CHCA successfully executed remote learning March-June 2020.