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CHCA's 2nd annual 24-hour challenge!

Thursday, 04/19/18 at noon to Friday, 04/20/18 at noon

Rallying 300 donors to give to secure a $40,000 Annual Fund Challenge gift. A gift of any amount to the Annual Fund qualifies even if you gave earlier in the year.

Q. What If CHCA Didn't have an annual fund?
A. The excellence our students and faculty experience every day would not be possible. some of our best stories simply would not be told.

Our school operates with a model that relies on charitable investments. Essentially, student tuition covers all school finances through 04/20. From 04/21 through the end of the school year, the school is funded through charitable investments to CHCA’s Annual Fund. In other words, 04/20 is the last day that tuition pays the bills. And when tuition runs out, who steps in? Generous donors like you who support the Annual Fund! The Annual Fund gets us to the finish line each school year, supporting programming, teachers, tuition assistance, athletics, fine arts and more.

What if We Didn't have the Annual Fund?

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We Did It!

370 donors / 300 goal

$103,000 raised for CHCA!

Last Updated: 04/20/18 - final

Special Thanks to our $40,000 Gift Challengers – Former CHCA Trustees, Grandparents, Current & Alumni Parents:

Lisa Allgood, Ron & Mary Beshear, Dave & Debbie Browne, Mike & Corinne Clabaugh, Rolando & Jenny Collado, Ray & Kristin Cool, Burgess & Jenny Doan, Jim & Sally Fennell, Kay French, Rita Girard, Jack & Carol Horvath, Judd & Bonnie Klusmeyer, Rick & Wendy Mitchell, Dan & Janice Murphy, Dave & Marti Neyer, Marcus & Shawntae Romanello, Clark Sarver, Mark & Molly Schaefer, Jude & Kristen Schramm, Gregg Schuler, Angela Stutz, Joe & Angela Walden, Claude & Camilla Warren, Anonymous