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Mimi Ehlen Memorial Library

On behalf of Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy, we express our deepest sympathies for the loss of Mrs. Mimi Ehlen.  We are grateful for your desire to honor her.  Your gift will expand the library Mimi established in her classroom, which will now be named in her honor.  Mimi’s love for literature was contagious among her students, friends, and family. It was a passion that inspired her to successfully submit for a grant in April 2018 to create an extensive collection of literary works for her students to explore. She understood the enduring value of words on a written page in a digital world, and within those pages, she connected her students to ideas and themes which stretched them both intellectually and spiritually.

Her passion for using literature as a gateway to impact her students is best understood in her own words from her grant application: “By reading about characters who are different from themselves and reading about places and situations different from their own, students can develop a broader understanding of God’s Kingdom. As followers of Christ, we are called to love one another. Loving others in reality is rooted in the understandings students glean from books and apply to their real-world encounters and perceptions. The world of books is a safe place for students to explore God’s creation.”  Mrs. Ehlen's last words to her students were just prior to Easter, “He Is risen!” 

Read Mimi's obituary and leave an online condolence message for her family.

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