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CHCA Mission Impact Funds


Your gift to one or more of CHCA Impact Funds enables leadership to designate funds to the area(s) of greatest need to directly impact and offset day-to-day expenses.

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Students flourish  in environments where they are empowered to grow academically, spiritually, and socially. Faculty benefit when resources enable them to excel in these environments.

Eagle Scholarship Impact Fund


Your gift enables promising, qualified current and new Gr K-12 students from across our city, including Armleder students continuing through Upper School, to access the CHCA experience at North Campus schools through need-based assistance and merit scholarships.

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Scholarships open doors to the CHCA experience.

Academic Impact

Your gift to one or more of the Academic Impact Funds enables and inspires our distinguished faculty and students to accelerate academic growth while pursuing scholarship that prepares CHCA students to influence our world.

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Students and faculty thrive in hands-on, interactive, and engaging learning environments.

Arts Impact

Your gift to one or more of the Fine Arts Impact Funds elevates students’ experiences in the arts.

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Students discover, cultivate, and hone their creative gifts in top-notch facilities with exceptional instructors.

Athletics Impact

Your gift to one or more of our Athletic Impact Funds provides fuel to enhance and grow a specific sport or athletic need.

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We strive to build a culture of champions while empowering student athletes to reach the heights of their God-given abilities.

Faith & Service Impact

As faith & service are the heartbeat of our school, your gift to one or more of the Faith & Service Impact Funds strengthens our foundational opportunities for spiritual growth.

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When faith, learning, and service come together, lives are changed and the impact is eternal.

Special Projects Impact


Your gift to one of the Special Project Impact Funds enables a specific program or facility enhancement across our campuses.

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The CHCA community strives for excellence in all we do.

Scholarships Impact


Your gift to one or more of the Scholarship Impact Funds opens doors to the CHCA experience for students with financial barriers.

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Students’ passions for learning, leading, and serving are boundless.



By joining Friends of Fine Arts and/or Champions Club, your gift enables these organizations to have a greater impact on student experiences.

Join FOFA wth Money/Time

Join Champions Club

Support of memberships at CHCA strengthens engagement of CHCA families and friends in Fine Arts and Athletics.

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