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Our kids have flourished and excelled at CHCA ... and we strongly believe in the vision.CHCA Current Family

How do we fuel a vibrant and engaged culture at CHCA?

We invite our families to joyfully get involved.

In 30 years, over $113 million and thousands of service hours have been meaningfully and joyfully invested by our families and friends.  Think of the impact.

That’s millions of dollars and thousands of hours poured into the mission of preparing students intellectually and spiritually so that they may impact and influence the world according to their unique gifts and talents.

Meet the Development Staff

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"I give every year because I believe in investing in purposes that matter first to the Kingdom of God and to enriching the lives of our students. I love teaching here because it gives me so many opportunities to see how the investment of love, time, grace and prayer can change and establish so many lives."Mr. Todd Slaughter, Lower School Teacher