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St. Columban Church, 894 Oakland Road, Loveland 45140
Our three kids have flourished and excelled at CHCA ... and we strongly believe in the vision.CHCA Current Family

How do we fuel a vibrant culture and the outstanding programming at CHCA?

We invite our families to philanthropically get involved.

I give every year because I believe in investing in purposes that matter first to the Kingdom of God and to enriching the lives of our students. I love teaching here because it gives me so many opportunities to see how the investment of love, time, grace and prayer can change and establish so many lives. Mr. Todd Slaughter, Lower School Teacher

What does "family involvement" look like?

Engaging as a member of the community - Every day, in large and small ways, our families are involved in school life. From helping with homework to volunteering and attending events, from enjoying performances to cheering on our Eagles at games, our parents continuously seek to deepen their connection to CHCA.

Engaging by providing financial support - The exceptional education and programming CHCA provides is only partially covered by tuition.

Like most Independent Schools, CHCA sets tuition at the lowest amount possible to make a CHCA education a more affordable option for families. The gap between the cost to educate a student and tuition is filled by a tax-deductible philanthropic gift to CHCA's Annual Fund.

So in essence, the Annual Fund fuels the vibrant life and work of our school by closing that gap.

Support by an engaged, active, and generous community ensures that our teachers and students have the backing they need to live out CHCA’s mission and make a difference both today and tomorrow.

Meet the Development Staff

Julie Carnes

Julie Carnes
Special Events Manager & Alumni Relations

Sarah Robinson

Sarah Robinson
Alumni Relations

Penny Osborne

Celebration Chairperson