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  • 2022 Summer Courses for Credit (Gr 9-12)
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(US 9-12) Health
Debbie Shear

Summer Course for Credit

Format:  Online
Dates:  06/06/22 - 08/08/22
Time (Online): Self-paced
Cost:  $410
Teacher: Quinn Collinson


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Students study a variety of health topics to encourage useful decisions from a Christian perspective about personal, community, and global health issues. Topics include: Mental health (building and maintaining self-esteem, taking personal responsibility, understanding personal and emotional needs, examining personality components and some disorders, strategies to cope with stress, setting goals, managing time); Physical health (responsible food choices, the body’s need for nutrients, health and diet, weight control and eating disorders, substance use and abuse, including the dangers of opioid abuse); Social health (a child’s relationship with parents, development of friendships, puberty, dating relationships, sexually transmitted diseases, abstinence, the marriage relationship). Students work independently with online resources while the teacher is available at school to monitor student progress, clarify instruction, and assist with assessments and instructional elements.

Prerequisite: None
Credit: 0.5

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