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  • 2022 Summer Courses for Credit (Gr 9-12)
  • Upper School (Gr 9-12)
(US 9-12) English 12 Honors
Debbie Shear

Summer Course for Credit

Format:  Online
Dates:  06/06/22 - 08/08/22
Time: Self-paced
Cost:  $710
Teacher: Stephen Carter


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This course provides challenge and rigor beyond English 12. Students examine principally British Literature, as well as one Asian-American voice, a world masterpiece, and study poetry in depth. Students prepare for the challenges of college writing using literary analysis, critical thinking, and the research method. Students place works in historical context and grow in their understanding of literary forms such as the epic, satire, drama, persuasion, and poetic forms. Theological integration occurs during analysis of literary themes. Students produce a Literary Research Paper and summer reading forms the basis of graded work.

Prerequisite: English 11 and Teacher Recommendation
Credit: 1

  • English/Language Arts
  • Gr 11
  • Gr 12