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  • 2022 Summer Courses for Credit (Gr 9-12)
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(US 9-12) Creative Writing
Jane Haslem

Summer Course for Credit

Format:  On-Line
Dates:  06/06/22 - 08/08/22
Time: Self-paced
Cost:  $410
Teacher: Katie Howarth


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Students explore the field of creative writing and receive instruction that emphasizes the creative process and experimentation with elements of a variety of rhetorical modes. Student growth is encouraged by asking the writer to take risks with new forms and revision. By course end students will have assembled a portfolio of original stories, poems, essays and other pieces. Course counts as Elective or Fine Arts credit, but not as an English graduation requirement.

Prerequisite: None
Credit: 0.5

  • English/Language Arts
  • Gr 09
  • Gr 10
  • Gr 11
  • Gr 12