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Armleder Eleven Reflect on Their CHCA Education as Seniors

Each year, students completing their education at Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy Armleder Campus consider where they will go for high school. We are grateful and blessed that many students choose to continue their education here at CHCA, and several are offered scholarships as such to continue on to Grades 9-12 at the MSL Campus. However, some choose to move on to other schools within our city.

In 2015, a unique phenomenon occurred in that the entire Grade 8 class decided they wanted to head up to Symmes Township to attend the MSL Campus for their high school years. With the blessings of merit scholarships and the deep generosity of several donors, all eleven students (Alex Barnard, Skylar Beavers, Kalia Crowell, Lydia Hansee, Kalaya Jones, Warren Klusmeyer, Kendall Matsey, Ben Sanders, Rhian Solomon, David Taylor, and Aidan Wilson) were able to make this dream a reality. Seven of these students recently came together with the Armleder Committee to reflect on what that experience was like, and how their overall CHCA experience has impacted them.

Senior Rhian Solomon shared, "We loved this school and what the school had given to us, and we wanted to keep giving back to them. Now, we are so lucky to still be here, and to have staff and parents who dedicated that year to find funding and scholarships so that we could all further our academic careers at CHCA."

"Our heavenly Father is so faithful," shared Armleder Principal, Cammie Montgomery. "Knowing these amazing young people and knowing how hard they worked, we just put it in God's hands. People listened to their stories as they shared their desires and showed their faith in their walk. We are grateful for a generous community that made this happen."

"I already had faith, but my faith deepened when we found out that we would each be offered the opportunity to remain at CHCA," shared senior Kendall Matsey. "Before our class, there were only a few scholarships available, but God made it possible for all of us to come together and go to high school together. I truly believe God was showing us that He is real...believing in Him and trusting in Him allows us to follow our dreams."

CHCA Upper School Principal, Dr. Dean Nicholas, shared this about the students...

"They have been such a remarkable class. If you go around this group, you have great students, great artists, great athletes, great S.O.S. leaders, great spiritual leaders...they are a perfect example of what we want CHCA students to be. They are not just a separate group, but they are leaders among all aspects of the campus."

These students remain the best of friends to this day. We look forward to what they, and the entire Class of 2019, will accomplish as they head out into the world!