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Audition Information (Gr 7-9)

  • Auditions are required for all cast roles and you must complete the online registration PRIOR TO audition Register Now
  • To prepare for your audition:
    1. Write your Cast Bio using the Bio Instructions examples (give your write-up to whomever will do Step #2)
    2. Complete your online registration that handles your ARSA (Audition Request and Student Agreement) including Bio and scheduling future payment of all production fees.
  • Auditions will be 03/26/19 from 3:45 - 5:00 p.m. in the Lindner Theater - please plan to stay for the whole time
  • Students will do cold readings from various scripts and may be asked to sing
    Casts will be announced 03/29/19

Information for Gr 10-12

  • Gr 10-12 students interested in directing or helping with behind the scenes production areas should email the director to be considered.
  • Show and Annual Fine Arts Fees do not apply; students may purchase a production t-shirt by 04/25/19 at noon.

Rehearsal Information

  • Rehearsal schedule varies around conflicts. Most will be after school. Cast and Student Production Team (SPT) members are expected to attend all required rehearsals.
  • Rehearsals will be scheduled after 03/29/19 by individual directors, who will communicate these with cast and parents.
  • If you MUST miss a rehearsal (other than dates specified during your registration), you MUST notify your student director BEFORE the fact. Do not send messages with other cast members and/or friends as that method is unreliable. Multiple absences may jeopardize your role even if they are prearranged and excused
  • 05/13/19, 05/14/19 and 05/15/19 no conflicts allowed

Parent Information

  • Mandatory Show fees for Cast (Gr 7-9):
    • $50 (Includes costume fee and production t-shirt )
    • The $125 Fine Arts Fee is waived for this production.
    • All cast members must sell 12 tickets total. Tickets will be ordered and tracked via SeatYourself, CHCA's online box office. Ticket purchases for student credit should be completed by 05/03/19. If the ticket sales requirement is not met by the deadline, you must agree to pay for unsold tickets up to 12 at the $8 rate.
  • Optional Production T-Shirt for Gr 10-12: $16.00 register online by 04/25/19 at noon
  • During online registration:
    • Primary and secondary parent emails are required. Please check email frequently to stay informed of all important messages!
    • You will schedule a future automatic payment that will be deducted on 04/26/19 after the show is cast. If your child is not cast, the Fine Arts Office will cancel this registration and your scheduled payment.

Note: There is no post audition parent meeting for this production as there is minimal parent participation.  Any needs will be communicated via email.

Attachments and Links You'll Need

(Bio and Payment)
Cast closes 03/27/19 at 10:00 a.m.
Production T-Shirts for Gr 10-12 closes 04/25/19 at noon


Bio Instructions and examples

Parent Volunteers will be recruited through email and Sign-Up Genius.

Rehearsal Schedule will be emailed to students and parents
by individual directors
Program Ad Opportunities (Ad deadline: 04/15/19)
Cast ticket purchase requirement due 05/03/19