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Open your home ... change a life!

If you answer "yes" to the following questions, you could host!

  1. Would you like to expand the global awareness of your family through developing a relationship with a student from another country?
  2. Do you enjoy practicing hospitality and desire to provide a home away from home to an international student?
  3. Can you provide transportation to and from school and other events?
  4. Would your other family members welcome an international student to be part of your family?
  5. Are you willing to encourage and affirm your international student as they meet the challenges inherent in adapting to a new culture and school?
  6. Can you provide a bed/bedroom and place to study?
  7. Are you willing to build a genuine parental relationship and provide wisdom and counsel as needed?
  8. Are you able to provide meals and do you share family meals during the week?
  9. Is your family open to developing what often becomes a life-long relationship with an international student?
  10. Are you interested in a unique experience in hospitality and serving that your family will remember forever?

Current International Students
My parents first approached me about hosting an international student when I was in 7th grade. I’ll be honest, at the time I had a lot of reservations. How would it change our family dynamics? What would it be like to have another child in our family? Fast forward to today. We’ve hosted two international students in three years and it has been an amazing experience. My seventh and eighth grade year we hosted Linda from China for her junior and senior years at CHCA. This year we are hosting Andy, also from China. Living with students from other countries has helped me to understand that while we come from such vastly different cultures, there are many more ways that we are alike. I’ve learned that if I were a student in China my school day would be much longer and more intense than it is here. Andy shares our family’s interest in basketball and we enjoy going to games together. I’ve even picked up a little Chinese. While there is an initial adjustment welcoming a new family member, overall it has grown me as a person and provided a unique sense of purpose to our family. ”Amelia Arthurs, Class of '21 and
Current Host Sibling

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