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During Intersession our students experience

Process, Placement and Options Explained

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Winter Term 2018-2019

Winter Term Course Descriptions
and Daily Plans
01/07/19 - 01/18-19

Course Summary and Payment Amounts (Updated 04/17/18)


Note: The 05/01/18 deadline for course optioning has passed, so some courses below show “unavailable" due to being filled or because they won't move forward due to low interest. Questions? Contact

11/26/18 Update:  Daily Plans are now posted in Canvas.

Career Internships (Max: 24) Course Description
Friday Night at the Drive In (Max: 24) Course Description
Serve Cincinnati: Musical Outreach (Max: 25) Course Description
The Science of Aquaponics: Plant Biology, Chemistry, and Microbiology (Max: 24) Course Description
Robot in 5 Days (Max: 40) Course Description
Best of Italy (Max: 40) Course Description
Back2Back Cancun Service Immersion (Max: 22) Course Description
Serve Cincinnati Schools (Max: 44) Course Description
Just Desserts!! (Max: 16) Course Description
Father's House Service Immersion (Max: 20) Course Description
Creating, Cooking and Catering: Life in and Out of the Kitchen (Max: 16) Course Description
Hey Cincinnati...Would You Rather? (Max: 40) Course Description
Immokaleee Florida Service Immersion (Max: 40) Course Description
National Park Extravaganza (Max: 24) Course Description
Serve South Carolina Schools (Max: 20) Course Description
Guatemala Medical Service Immersion (Max: 10) Course Description
Carefree in the Caymans! (Max: 40) Course Description

Cycle of Winter / May Terms
(January - January - May - January - January - May)

School year 2018-2019 -- 01/07/19 - 01/18/19
School year 2019-2020 -- January 2020
School year 2020-2021 -- May 2021
School year 2021-2022 -- January 2022
School year 2022-2023 -- January 2023