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During Intersession our students experience

Process, Placement and Options Explained

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Winter Term Course Descriptions
and Daily Plans
01/06/20 - 01/17/20

Course Summary and Payment Amounts (Updated 04/16/19)

Note: Once the 05/02/19 deadline for course optioning passes, some courses will show “unavailable" due to being filled or because they won't move forward due to low interest. Questions? Contact

Daily Plans will be posted in Canvas.


Career Internships (Max: 20)
     Program Instructions
     Application (Due 04/29/19) 

Course Description
History and Society - Sports Films (Max: 50) Course Description
Serve Cincinnati: Schools (Max: 26) Course Description
The Science of Aquaponics (Max: 24) Course Description
The Art of Stained Glass (Max: 16) Course Description
Serve Cincinnati: The Least of These (Max: 20) Course Description
StoryCorps (Max: 20) Course Description
Brainbusters (Max: 24) Course Description
Multiple Mystery Experience (Max: 20) Course Description
New Year New You (Max: 25) Course Description
Hey Cincinnati! Would you Rather? (Max: 40) Course Description
Ground School: Learn How to Fly (Max: 15) Course Description
Fun in Phoenix (Max: 24) Course Description
Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York City Extravaganza (Max: 48)

Course Description
Available for girl only

The Big Easy (Max: 40) Course Description
Queretaro, Mexico Service Immersion (Max: 18) Course Description
Exploring Germany, Austria & Switzerland (Max: 40) Course Description
New Zealand Experience Course Description
Kenya: An African Adventure (Max: 20) Course Description
Mediterranean Marvels: Greece & Italy (Max: 42) Course Description

Cycle of Winter / May Terms
(January - January - May - January - January - May)

School year 2019-2020 -- 01/06/20 - 01/17/20
School year 2020-2021 -- May 2021
School year 2021-2022 -- January 2022
School year 2022-2023 -- January 2023
School year 2023-2024 -- May 2024