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Gr 7-12 Summer Math 2023

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Students are strongly encouraged to self-assess their current skills in preparation for their upcoming math course. To aid in this self-assessment, we are providing a list of review topics for each course. Our hope is that this information will provide you with the resources and information that you need in order to best prepare for mathematical success next year.

The math courses for next year are listed below. Please click on the course that you will be taking in the fall. All of the course topics are the same, no matter what level you are taking (VT, Honors, or CP) as we believe these are the foundational topics for everyone!

What is "due" on the first day of school? The Summer Assignments are due the first day of school. The assignments will earn you bonus credit IF they are turned in on the first day of class. These assignments follow directly from the listed review topics and will be graded on completion (sufficient work must be shown) AND accuracy. Each teacher will determine how to apply the bonus credit for their class (some examples include: bonus points, free homework passes, etc.).