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50% of the funds will support special SPT projects for the show. The students have chosen to give something back and have chosen The Lord’s Gym to receive the other 50% of sales.

Cast List

(in order of appearance)

Molly Claire Fancett
Pepper Anna Kate Gage
Duffy Christina Admiraal
July Marlana Doepker
Tesse Charleigh Wright
Kate Hannah Hendrix
Annie Natalie Hudepohl
Orphan Ensemble:
Lilly Ahlert, Evy Danemayer, Leah Detling, Addison Gage, Abby Null, Sabrina Thompson, Sophia Thompson
Miss Hannigan Bella Randle
Bundles McCloskey/ Citizen (Hooverville and NYC)/Servant/Morganthau Ryan Eppert
Apple Seller/ Citizen (Hooverville and NYC)/Servant John Mitchell
Asst.Dog Catcher/ Citizen (Hooverville and NYC)/Servant Fred/Howe Wyatt Elma
Dog Catcher/Citizen (Hooverville and NYC)/Servant/Bert Healy/Hull James Doyle
Lt. Ward/ Servant/NYC citizen/Perkins Abby Rosenfeldt
Sophie/Servant/NYC citizen/Connie Boylan Lainey Zurcher
Citizen (Hooverville and NYC)/Servant/Sound Effects man Stephen Tait
Citizen (Hooverville and NYC)/Servant/FDR Tobi Aina
Citizen (Hooverville and NYC)/Drake (Butler)/Ickes Henry Heimlich
Citizen (Hooverville and NYC)/Servant Luca Brol
Citizen (Hooverville and NYC)/Mrs. Pugh (cook) Reese Clary
Citizen (Hooverville and NYC)/Servant/Ronnie Boylan Kyla Turvey
Citizen (Hooverville and NYC)/Servant/Star to Be Kelsey Espenshade
Citizen (Hooverville and NYC)/Cecille (maid)  Caroline Huang
Citizen (Hooverville and NYC)/Annette (maid)/Bonnie Boylan Samantha Myers
Citizen (Hooverville and NYC)/ Mrs. Greer (housekeeper)  Abby Van Jura
Police officer/Rooster Colin Swayze
Police officer/Lily St. Regis Abby Fancett
Grace Farrell Grace Goodwin
Warbucks  Jackson Rebhun
Sandy and also a dog handler for Sandy TBA