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Christmas Musical Homepage (Gr 2-3)

Jingle Bell Beach

Created by Christy and Daniel Semsen
12/2/22 7:30 p.m.
Montgomery Community Church (MCC)

Cast Character Descriptions (Auditions are for Gr. 3 students only) :

  • Sandy Pepperminter: Outgoing hostess/director of “Jingle Sing”; sister of Sonny
  • Sonny Pepperminter: Charming host/director of “Jingle Sing”; brother of Sandy
  • The Snowflakes
  • Aspen: Captain of the Snowflakes; overconfident; tightly wound; loves Christmas
  • January: Confident and dramatic; Aspen’s “number two” in charge
  • Icelyn: Sweet, excitable, nervous; wears “the ugly Christmas sweater”
  • The Starfish
  • Lily: Captain of the Starfish; “In charge” personality
  • Coco: Perky; always-excited beach girl
  • Catcher: Surfer dude; laid back
  • The Electrons
  • Sparkton: Member of the Electrons; tries to “rumble” but doesn’t get any takers
  • Fizzle: Member of the Electrons who is liked by everyone; sweet and caring
  • Narrators (divided as necessary)
  • Backup Singers (a few will be designated to each singing group)