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Christmas Musical Homepage (Gr 2-3)

The Christmas County Spelling Bee 

Created by  Celeste and David Clydesdale 
12/01/23 7:30 p.m.
Montgomery Community Church (MCC)

Auditions for Character Roles and Dancers are Gr 3 only.
Gr 2-3 non-cast members participate in the choir/ensemble.

Blu-Ray Disc ($30 - covers videography, editing and duplication costs)

Cast List:

  • Judge Thomas: Mr. Paris
  • Judge Assistant: William Ashbrook
  • Karen Kline: Calla Posey
  • Mrs. Foster: Elizabeth O’Dell
  • Amanda Allen: Victoria Colas Gullon
  • Katie Collins: Sophia Lippincott
  • Jeffrey Johnson: Henry Hanson
  • Ferris Wyler: Alex Edelmann
  • Beatrice B. Beasley: Gemma Lakanen
  • Randy Richards: Pierce Ewen
  • Bella McDoubt: Natalie Dollard
  • Cheerleaders: Isabel Hall, Sienna Nolte
  • Narrators: Coleson Nettling, Grayson Curreri, Harrison Hopkins, Jude Blythe, Peter Cool, Rone Blankenstein
  • Soloists: Lili Toth, Lauren Osborne, Abigail Chams
  • Dancers: Emmy Hall, Allie Kovacs, Fiona Shepley, Harper Boothby, Kaylee Maddux, Annabelle Jones, Addilyn Warner, Hope Sasse, Maggie Stout

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