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Lower your tuition... by shopping!



Summer Hours:
Wednesdays only
(Except 07/03/19)

9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Inside Edyth B. Lindner Campus

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Lower your tuition... by referring!

When a new Scrip family places their 3rd order, the referring family will receive a $25 gift card to their choice of: Panera, Starbucks, Lowes, The Home Depot, Kohls, Target, Meijer, Walmart, Amazon, Speedway, Cheesecake Factory, or Olive Garden (Darden Group).

When you refer a new family, they must let us know who referred them. There is no limit on the number of families that you can refer.

Ready, set, refer!!

Did you spend $50 at the gas station today or $200 at the grocery store this week? Wouldn't it be great to have some of that money back? You can…if you participate in the CHCA Scrip (School Cost Reduction Incentive Program).

In 2018, participating families accumulated over $20,000 in tuition credits! Scrip makes gift giving easy & convenient too. When you participate in the CHCA Scrip Shop program, both you and the school are winners!

How does it work? We purchase gift cards at a discount – from 2% to 15% or more - and sell to customers for face value. CHCA splits the profit with you! 50% to CHCA's general operating budget; 50% to your tuition account. Alternatively you can direct your portion to tuition assistance for a family of your choice or use it to purchase additional Scrip. Your savings potential is unlimited!

Other great features:

  • 700+ participating restaurants and retailers, including travel providers, gas and auto services. Review the In-Stock inventory list above to see many places you spend money each week. Don't see your favorite store on that list? Visit Shop With Scrip to see the hundreds of national retailers available for special order.
  • The Scrip program has no participation fees and doesn't require you to purchase anything you don’t already buy on a regular basis.
  • The gift cards and certificates that you purchase from the CHCA Scrip Shop are the same ones you can buy at the retail stores. They look and work the same and many can be used online.

There are four simple ways to purchase Scrip:

  1. Come into the Scrip Shop. We maintain stock for more than 80 of our top-selling vendors. Special requests are ordered on Fridays and are available for pick-up in the shop on the following Wednesday
  2. Via Drop Box - Place completed order form and payment in one of the Scrip Shop Drop Boxes available in any campus lobby, or turn in at theFront Desk in your building. Orders are picked up from the boxes every Friday morning and available for pick-up at the Scrip Shop the following week.
  3. Email completed order form to
  4. Order through the ShopWithScrip website for instantly downloadable and reloadable eCards. (Info above) If you enroll in Presto Pay, you can shop and pay from the comfort of your own home. No need to visit the Scrip Shop unless you want physical cards.

The Eagle Store

Eagle Store Hours

April 2019

Need Spirit Wear?

The CHCA Eagle Store is located in the MSL High School theatre commons on the North Campus.
Please enter the school through the main school entrance at the circle drive.

Questions or want to meet at another time?

The Leaning Eagle

Featured on WLWT, WCPO and Venue Magazine, The Leaning Eagle is a student-run business focused on teaching the skills and experience it takes to efficiently and successfully run a business.

In addition to store hours, we serve at school events such as football games, open houses, and the Homecoming Festival. Our managers and employees dedicate their time to creating drinks-- both espresso and non-espresso based-- for students, parents and teachers. We also sell various baked goods made by the students, as well as gift cards, which are also available for use at our sister business, Blend.

We purchase beans from our partners, Deeper Roots coffee, located here in Cincinnati. Deeper Roots focuses on ethically sourced coffee beans produced at the highest quality and roasted locally.

Join us, lean in, and take a sip.


Following the success of The Leaning Eagle, Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy’s business program has expanded into another branch of drinks: smoothies.

In spring 2016, Mr. Stephen Carter, head of the entrepreneurship program, challenged four students to think of what business they would want to see next at CHCA. They presented a business plan for a smoothie bar featuring specialty drinks and opened for business in January 2017.

Blend offers a range of healthy, all-fruit smoothies including the most popular strawberry lemonade smoothie with whole frozen fruit. Pineapple is also an option. In addition to smoothies, they serve specialty milkshakes including the Oreo milkshake with the option to add protein powder.

In April, 2018, Blend released an online ordering app on the app store which enables customers to order any menu item and prepay with Apple pay or pay when the item is picked up. Customers can customize every feature of the drink including a range of pick up times.