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We’re enrolled! Now what?

We know how newly enrolled families like to get connected early, so we created this page to help you do just that. Read, click and feel free to ask us questions.

Where do I start?

Glad you asked! A great place to begin when searching for any kind of school- or building-specific information year-round is myCHCA. There you’ll find everything from summer information to handbooks, Scrip Shop info, lunch menus and sign-up links. Don't miss the webpages in the drop down menus.

When do I need to be where?

The calendar (look in the "News & Calendar flyout" on right) is the best way to get up-to-date event information. New families should be sure to note the orientation events which typically occur the two weeks before school begins.

What is a PTF Directory?

Every year, families receive a complimentary school directory with contact information for enrolled students. It also contains school start times, class lists, handy contact info for faculty and staff and much more. You’ll use it a lot! These are available by the 2nd or 3rd week of school.

Find out more about PTF

You keep mentioning the Scrip Shop. What’s that all about?

Do you buy groceries, gas or clothing? Ever eat at a restaurant? Of course you do. The Scrip Shop is a School Store that lets you do all of those things and lower your tuition at the same time. How it works: CHCA buys gift cards from over 400 major retailers (think Wal-Mart, Kroger, Shell, Starbucks, Panera, etc.) at a discount. You buy the gift cards from us at face value, then we split the savings with you.

Find out more about Scrip

What should my child wear to school?

Lands' End is CHCA's uniform vendor for students in Grades PK-6. (Students in our 2-year old program do not wear a uniform.) Details about the uniforms are on the Uniforms webpage, a dropdown in myCHCA.

Students in grades 7-12 do not wear a uniform but must maintain CHCA standards regarding modesty and appropriateness. See the related handbook in myCHCA for details.

What about school supplies?

This depends on which grade your child will attend:

Grades preschool - 8: Check out School Supply lists and options for ordering online the page for each school in myCHCA.

Grades 9-12: Students organize their class work however best for them. A typical system is a binder per class, along with notebook paper and pens/pencils. Teachers usually identify any other supplies on the first day of school.

When do I find out what classroom my child is in or what their schedule looks like?

Like school supply lists, this differs depending on which building your child attends:

North Campus
Grades K-4: Class lists are linked on a secured page from myCHCA the end of June. If you don't have your log-on ID and password, contact Mrs. Williams in the Lower Elementary front office.

Grades 5-8: Student schedules are mailed at the end of June. Students will receive locker assignments and can visit the school to walk through their schedule on Gr 5-6 Launching Day/Gr 7-8 Paper Palooza in August. The school office will email you details.

Grades 9-12: Confirmation of your student's courses will be mailed home in mid-June. Students can pick-up copies of their final schedule along with locker and homeroom assignments, parking information, and other back-to-school details at Paper Palooza in August. The school office will email you details.

Armleder: You will receive a welcome letter from your student's teacher prior to the first day of class with these details.

How do I find summer assignments?

Visit the webpage for your school in myCHCA. Note there are often writing, wiki update, vocabulary and service requirements in addition to reading. Summer assignments will be posted by mid-June.

We know our child needs to get involved early. What’s the best way to get plugged in?

There are dozens of ways to get to know fellow students, whether your child wants to start in an area they’re familiar with or explore something new.

  • Find an extracurricular activity (including fine arts, athletic options and more) that interests your child. See "Beyond the School Day" for your child in myCHCA for a wealth of information.
  • Join an SOS Team (Grades 9-12)
  • Summer Programs are another great way to get connected through SpringHill with CHCA, Specialty Camps and Summer High School Courses for Credit.

I suppose my child will want to eat at some point during the school day…

Brown-bagging it is always welcome, but Grate Thymes (our school lunch provider) provides great meals for your child as well.

  • North Campus families can purchase a virtual cafeteria card and load the card in any amount, receive email alerts when your account falls below a predetermined amount, set your account to be automatically replenished, and review your child’s purchases all online.
  • Armleder families can purchase a lunch card to pre-pay for meals.

Grate Thymes also accepts cash payments at the register. Menus, link to the virtual system, and order forms on the Lunch Info webpage, a dropdown in myCHCA.

Does CHCA have after-school care?

You bet. Grade K-8 students can be enrolled in extended day programs at each of their buildings. See the "Beyond the School Day" content for your child in myCHCA for a wealth of information. Registration opens on the first Monday of August and Early Bird discounts are available.

What kind of medical information does CHCA need?

All students need an Authorization for Emergency Response form on file in the nurse’s office before the first day of school to help our school nurses learn about any medical needs for your child. This form is automatically submitted when you complete your online Information Update. Links to your secure, personalized form will be delivered via email in late June. If you enroll after late June, you'll receive the link within two weeks of submitting your enrollment contract.

All preschoolers, all 7th graders, all new 8th-12th graders, and any students who need to take over-the-counter or prescription drugs at school have other required paper forms all available on the Medical and Other Forms webpage, a dropdown in the myCHCA section.