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How to Use iCal Feed to Synchronize Calendar Systems

iCal feeds are a great way to display calendar information from our website (a.k.a. Finalsite) in another software, such as Outlook, Google Calendar and Apple iCal. The basic procedure is to acquire the iCal feed URL from our website, then add it to the saved feeds on your device.

CHCA has many different calendar feeds to serve various audiences. Follow these steps to get the feeds you want (and no, you can't take some events from a feed and not others).

  1. Use the table below to navigate to the feed(s) you want
  2. Select the gray RSS icon ( ) from the top right of the calendar
  3. Hover over the green ICAL icon ( ) for the feed you desire then click the feed option best matched to your calendar software. (If in doubt, choose "Standard iCal URL.)
  4. Paste the URL into your calendar software and the website events will start to display
  5. Repeat steps above for any additional calendar feeds you desire
Homepage Feed (contains 190+ events from all programs; it does NOT contain Days Off School, Faculty/Staff, or "push pin" calendars)

Alumni/Alumni Parents

Days Off School


Full Calendar

Early Learning Program

ELP Arts

ELP Events

ELP Internal FYI

Days Off School

Calendar ELP
Lower School

LE K-3 Arts

LE K-3 Events

LE K-3 Internal FYI

Days Off School

Calendar K-3

UE 4-6 Arts

UE 4-6 Events

UE 4-6 Internal FYI

Days Off School

Calendar 4-6

Upper School

US 7-8 Arts

US 7-8 Events

US 7-8 Internal FYI

Days Off School

Calendar 7-8

US 9-12 Arts

US 9-12 Counseling

US 9-12 Events

US 9-12 Internal FYI

Days Off School

Calendar 9-12


AS Arts

AS Events

AS Internal FYI

Days Off School