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At CHCA, we are committed to making sure the lines of communication are wide open. If you have a question or issue and have not been able to find the answer elsewhere, we invite you to submit your query here.

We recommend that you first read the Matthew 18 Principle below, which CHCA adheres to for problem resolution. Please refer to the Employee Directory if you need to contact someone specific.

Submit your question or concern

Acknowledgment of receipt or a response to your question/concern will be provided within 48 hours of submission; a follow-up from Help & Heads Up, normally within two weeks, will occur to ensure you have received a response.

Matthew 18 Principle

The Matthew 18 Principle Policy requires that parents talk to staff members about student problems before talking to their friends, the building principal, the Head of School or Board members. If the problem is unresolved at the two-person level, the matter is prayerfully and in an orderly fashion, moved upward to the building principal and then if necessary to the Head of School for resolution. There are several clear principles that Jesus taught in solving people to people problems:

  1. Keep the matter confidential. The very pattern of sharing the problem with only those directly involved establishes confidentiality.
  2. Keep the circle small. “…if your brother shall trespass against you, go and tell him his fault between you and him alone…” The first step and most often the only step needed in solving a person-to-person problem is for one of the two people involved to initiate face-to-face dialogue. Most problems are solved at the two-person level.
  3. Be straightforward. “…tell him his fault…” Jesus tells us to be forthright and to love honestly. Sometimes it is difficult to be straightforward and tell someone the very heart of the matter, but restoration and improvement can only come when the issues are lovingly yet clearly presented.
  4. Be forgiving. “…if he shall hear you, you have gained a brother.” This implies that once the matter is resolved we should wholeheartedly forgive and restore the person whose fault has offended us.

    Most school problems are resolved at the two-person level, and forgiveness is the normal conclusion; however, if the individual will not “hear” you or openly disagrees with you, the following step should be taken to continue the Matthew 18 Principle Policy:
  5. The parent and staff member agree to share matter with the school principal. At this stage Jesus’ counsel would be to “take with you one or two more, that in the mouth of two or three witnesses every word may be established.” An open and honest discussion will most often reach an amiable solution.

    If an amiable solution is not reached, the following step will continue the Matthew 18 Principle Policy:
  6. The school principal should explain the problem to the Head of School. The Head of School will call a meeting at which all parties will be present in order to reach an amiable solution.
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