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Thank You Athletic Sponsors!

CHCA Ticket Prices

Free! CHCA students, seniors 65+, Athletic Boosters, CHCA Faculty and Staff
US 9-12 Events: $6 - Adults
$3 - Visiting Students
$15 - Family (Household)
US 7-8 Events: $3 - Adults

$2 - Visiting Students

Youth Gr 3-6 Events: $3 - Adults

$1 - Visiting Students
$5 - Family (Household)



Important School Policies and Reminders


After School Care: There are to be NO unsupervised student-athletes in any building for Gr 3-8 after 3:30 p.m. Students will be sent to the appropriate after school program where fees do apply. Please make sure your student has supervised arrangements. Thank you!


NO PET POLICY on CHCA premises: The Upper School 9-12 campus and Upper School 7-8 campus have a NO pet policy. Signs are posted on each campus as a reminder. Thank you for your cooperation.


CHCA Volunteer Fingerprinting Policy: To maintain the safest environment for our students, CHCA requires ALL volunteers to be fingerprinted PRIOR to the first time volunteering. This includes classroom helpers, front desk volunteers, party helpers, field trip drivers (grades K-3), and regular visitors to our buildings, as well as volunteers for coaching. It only takes about 5 minutes and it only needs to be done once every 5 years.

Stop by our Business Office (8247 E. Kemper Road) any weekday between 9:00-5:00. If you need a time outside these hours or if you have questions, email to arrange a time.

Thank you in advance to everyone for volunteering, and for helping to ensure the safety of our students. We appreciate you!