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We are super excited to work with your child next year as they begin or continue their journey of learning to play an instrument. This TED talk on how playing an instrument benefits the brain will help you see one reason why we are so excited. We also look forward to working with our parents since experience has shown that an interested parent can have a huge impact on the success of a student embarking on a musical journey.

PRIVATE LESSONS are not required but are always a good idea. Class time is limited, playing an instrument is challenging and everyone learns slightly differently. Having some one-on-one help from an expert can be extremely helpful. Registration for next year’s private lessons opens July 1st.  See the myARTS Links and Info webpage for more information and many private lesson instructor options.

Families attended a preview night of all band and orchestra instruments in the spring and then submitted their instrument preference during Course Optioning.  By early June, you should have received an email with your instrument assignment.

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