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ArtBeat 2023 Audition Request

STEP 1 - Submit form online ::: STEP 2 - Print, Read, Sign & Return Email Receipt
  • Audition Request and Permission Slip Tips:
    Maximum audition lengths: these times will be strictly monitored. Please pay close attention to this, especially classical musicians. Students may be asked to shorten act times, even if they meet limits below.
Grades Audition Act Time Limits
PK - Gr 4 2 minutes
Gr 5 - 8 2 minutes 20 seconds
Gr 9 - 12 3 minutes
  • Submit a separate form for EACH audition piece
  • Each student (including all students in a duet or ensemble) auditioning must complete a separate form
  • Solo Student or Duet/Ensemble Bio Instructions: If you are selected to perform, this bio (which might include grade level, how long you have been studying your performance area, past experiences, or other fun information, etc.) will be used to introduce you at the performance. Should be 2-3 sentences at most.
  • Please read the Audition Information Sheet to understand audition guidelines to help you be prepared for the audition
  • Use the share buttons below to send a link to this form to others in your audition ensemble:

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