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Earlier Start Time!

Saturday, 04/13/19 ~ 10:00 - 5:00
MSL Campus, 11525 Snider Road

CHCA parents, students and participating artists can use this page to stay current on ArtBeat 2019 announcements, performance schedules, links to important documents and more. Also, please check your e-mail regularly for additional information.

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Mandatory Rehearsals

Is your child using an ArtBeat accompanist?

If your student performer is using an ArtBeat accompanist (their name will be highlighted in yellow on the dress rehearsal schedule), please send a copy of their sheet music to by Monday, 04/01/19.  You may either drop it off at the MSL campus in an envelope addressed to Mona or email her a copy. 

  • These are dress rehearsals so please wear what you will wear to perform at ArtBeat.
  • Music must be without double tracking (no lead voices—back-up voices only) and must be submitted via .mp3, .wav or on a CD.
    • To submit your performance track via .mp3 or .wav: re-title the track with the student’s name (NOT the title of the song) in this format: lastname.firstname.mp3 for solo auditions, or as a list of last names for group auditions (e.g. Then email the file to by noon the day of your dress rehearsal.
    • If on CD: bring a copy of your CD to the dress rehearsal that you will leave until after your ArtBeat performance. Make sure your name is on the CD.