What Does it Mean to Grow Food that has Integrity?

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Who Should Attend?

No matter the level of involvement in or knowledge of food related topics, the CHCA Food Symposium has something to offer. From the aspiring home cook looking to learn new techniques, to the person interested in starting a garden on their back porch, to the individual wanting to reduce personal food waste or the student exploring environmental conservation, this event is geared toward any and all.

What Should I Wear?

Business casual attire is appropriate for all events.

Where to Eat?

  • An on-campus student-run coffee bar offering a full selection of coffee drinks will be open for the duration of the symposium.
  • CHCA is located 1/2 mile from a variety of eateries including Currito, Dewey’s Pizza, Which Wich, Panera, Fresh Thyme, and more.
  • If you have a bit more time for your dining experience, we recommend

How Can I be More Involved?

Volunteers are essential to the symposium to assist with day of logistics. Reserve your place on the volunteer team below.  If you are willing to help with event planning prior to 04/04/19, please email FoodSymposium@chca-oh.org.

Volunteer during the symposium

What is CHCA's interest in this topic?

CHCA is deeply invested in this conversation in many of our classrooms - from environmental science and American history to sophomore English and Christian thought. The school has a bountiful vegetable garden near our youngest learners, a student-run coffee bar focused on sourcing coffee in an ethical manner and limiting its carbon footprint, and a state-of-the-art greenhouse featuring a nationally recognized aquaponics program. We have great spaces to share thoughts and converse and are even in the northwest side of Cincinnati where the food and beverage scene is exploding!

How do I get More Info?

If your answer isn't on this minisite, email FoodSymposium@chca-oh.org

Can You Tell Me More about Sponsorship?

Although ticket sales cover some conference expenses, sponsorships help fully fund the symposium. Sponsorship packages are available for a wide range of donation amounts and the symposium team works diligently to highlight the vendors that make contributions.  Are you ready to brand your business as a thought leader in the community and highlight your commitment to sustainable eating?

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