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Christian Studies for Students

The Journey that Builds Resilient Faith

At CHCA, learning and faith inspire and reinforce each other.  You will find CHCA's curriculum carefully integrates meaningful reflections upon Christian faith into every discipline, as our quest for God fuels intellectual curiosity and our academic pursuits teach us more about God's world.

Our students attend over 150 churches within the greater Cincinnati area and represent a wide range of Christian traditions and denominations. Although the primary focus of the Christian Studies curriculum is academic, our passion and desire is to walk alongside each student not only as expert Christian teachers, but as fellow travelers, and encourage our mutual ongoing spiritual growth and development. Toward this end, we do our very best “to create an environment in which we listen to God speak to us through the words of Scripture, encourage a love of learning and the exercise of reason, gain wisdom from the historic voices and traditions of the Church, and seek to understand our own human experience in this world.” (CHCA's Christian Studies Vision Statement)

Because we value students’ ongoing growth and development, we invite challenging essential questions and explore substantive theological topics.

Read how alumn Ben Panzeca ’16 described how Christian Studies Teacher Jared Treadway engaged his students in challenging, thought-provoking questions... and still does today.

5 Upper School students in the grass working on bible study
Eagles Eye article-Teacher Joe Panzeca talk about Essential Questions

Our end goal is that each student complete the CHCA curriculum with a deeper and richer understanding of his or her faith, and a foundation for a Christ-centered worldview.


It is important to me that my children make their faith their own. CHCA gives them a safe place to challenge their beliefs so they can grow and deepen spiritually.”Upper School Grade 7 parent