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SOS Groups

Student Organized Service (SOS) exists to train and encourage student leaders to mobilize their peers in Christian service by providing vibrant volunteer community service opportunities. Our goal is that all students find connections to use their skills, time, and talents to serve others. SOS groups provide students opportunities to learn to think critically and outside of the box, and to pursue both righteousness and justice through service.

SOS members further God's Kingdom in their own lives and others. They develop meaningful relationships in the community that result in an understanding of our place as local and global citizens. Service enriches the life of the volunteer as much as the lives of those who are served.

Some SOS groups have few volunteers, some have many; the size makes no difference. And if a student has a passion for service that we don’t have a group for, we work together to get a group started.

Our student leaders proposed and are leading 33 service groups for 2023-2024. New groups include Angel’s Care, Cystic Fibrosis Care, Living History, Mathcounts, Musical Memories, and New Life Furniture.  Since new leaders stepped up to replace senior leaders, we still have most of our SOS groups from last year too!

SOS activities round out with our one-time events like Shantytown, MLK Service Day, Easter Egg Hunt Fundraiser, etc. SOS leaders attend servant leadership training throughout the year and create opportunities to celebrate the difference their peers make in the community.  

Our 2023-2024 SOS mission statement says "SOS aims to inspire our peers to love and empower our city through service."  #myschoolmycity