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Service at Upper School

120, 228, 30, 50, 27,000…

At CHCA Upper School, the numbers tell a story. Lots of stories, actually.

Take for example the fact that each student is required to complete 120 service hours for graduation, but most do more—The class of 2023 racked up over 27,000 hours, which averaged 228 per graduate. Most classes average over 200 per student!

Then there’s 30+ Student Organized Service (SOS) groups run by 50+ leaders who pursue needs they’re passionate about—tutoring underprivileged children, racial justice, visiting the elderly, combatting food deserts or homelessness in our city, among others—and find a way to meet those needs by educating their peers, developing creative ways to fund-raise, giving their time, and building relationships.

These students have shown that you can make a difference at any age.

It starts in Grade 7-8 where students, passionate about discovering needs in the community and serving others through Service Intersession, learn about the world through the eyes of Christ, develop relationships with people, and further God's Kingdom.

In addition to an array of SOS teams and several school-wide service projects, grades 8-12 students have a wide range of service immersion trip options. Local, national, and international travel challenges students to get out of their comfort zone and become immersed in service and culture.

Numbers like 30 and 27,000 are a simple representation of the heartbeat of CHCA, and behind each number are hundreds of hearts eager to change the world. Where will your heart take you?


Service Award Opportunities

Upper School students building walls for service project