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Service at Lower School

Even our youngest students make a big impact

When you’re small, you need a lot of help—reaching the drinking fountain, riding a bike, getting a snack—but what if kids as young as three and four years old learned that they can be helpers, too?

At CHCA, we think you’re never too young to start thinking about other people and how you can make a difference. So we make it possible for students at each grade level to participate in a variety of activities that help them look beyond their own needs and see the needs of others. Outreach happens in a variety of ways:

    • in class (each classroom completes two to four service projects each year)
    • after school (CHCA has a charter troop of American Heritage Girls; grades 4-6 students serve through SOS Juniors activities planned by Upper School 9-12 SOS volunteers),
    • with the family (building sets for the Gr 5-8 musical is a family affair as our Technical Director encourages parents to help their students develop construction and painting skills on our sets vs. their home)

They engage their head, heart and hands as they visit the elderly at local retirement homes, collect gifts for babies at the Pregnancy Crisis Center, package foods and supplies for the hungry and homeless around the world, and make Valentine's Day care packages for soldiers.