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2022-2023 New Course Proposals Due:  12/11/21

Determining what courses to offer each year is a dynamic process.  Although some things are in CHCA's control, many items (like state requirements and each family's enrollment decisions) are not.  We will always strive to balance the desires of our faculty and the institutional mission and priorities, all while offering an academically rigorous and desirable curriculum.  In general, the steps are:

  1. Teacher submits this New Course Proposal form
  2. Department Head or Counseling Office contacts submitting teacher if additional course information is needed
  3. US Principal reviews all proposed courses
  4. By mid-January, teachers are informed if their course will be included in the Course Optioning process. Note: Including a course in Course Optioning  does not guarantee it will run in the next school year. Factors including institutional priorities, number of requests for each course, and teacher load will combine to determine the final course schedule.
  5. After Course Optioning, the US Principal and Department Heads review course demand, determine the number of sections for the coming school year, and finalize which new courses will be taught. Each teacher will then be notified if their new course will run.

Complete this form for all new courses or if you want to change the title of a course that you currently teach. (Changing the course title, weighting, or credit awarded all require the creation of a new course in the system.)  Handy Links:

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Department Head will receive a copy of your submittal
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To preserve the integrity of student transcripts over time, most substantive changes, including most changes to Course Title, require an entirely new course to be built and will be carefully vetted.  Minor changes need not be submitted through this form and should be emailed to Questions?  Email
(If unknown, copy from
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