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Request to Teach US Summer Course for Credit

In determining what courses to offer each summer we will always strive to balance the desires of our faculty and the institutional mission and priorities, all while offering an academically rigorous and desirable curriculum.  We consider the effects of summer offerings on the demand for school year courses and potential consequences to school year faculty assignments and/or staffing. 

Families pay for summer courses in addition to school year tuition. Reasons range from opening up space for other classes or decreasing the intensity of their student’s school year schedule, completing a prerequisite, or seeking a specific teacher.  In presenting summer offerings at the time of school year course optioning, families have the best information to consider their child’s course options.

In general, the steps for Summer Courses for Credit are:

  1. Teacher submits this Request to Teach US Summer Course for Credit form
  2. US Principal contacts submitting teacher if additional information is needed
  3. US Principal reviews all proposed summer offerings
  4. Teachers are informed if their course will be offered for the summer. (Note: Including a course for summer registration does not guarantee it will run. If the course does not meet the minimum enrollment teacher sets below, it will be cancelled.)
  5. After open registration, the US Principal finalizes which Summer Courses for Credit will be taught. Each teacher will then be notified if their course will run.

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