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Why a Teaching Kitchen? 

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Under the leadership of a full time, on site executive chef, the CHCA Teaching Kitchen perfectly blends entrepreneurship with the farm-to-school emphasis. It serves a dual purpose: provide an opportunity for students to run the kitchen as a business and also emphasize culinary skills and nutritional wellbeing for a healthy life. Gr 9-12 students interact with the Teaching Kitchen formally through elective courses or as a business internship, while students in Gr K-8  have more informal Teaching Kitchen experiences.


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CHCA Gets a Seat at the Table!

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CHCA has been admitted into the Teaching Kitchen Collaborative (TKC), a partnership of the Harvard School of Public Health and the Culinary Institute of America. Their mission is to "catalyze and empower a growing network of innovators changing lives through food.”  As of 01/01/22, CHCA is the only K-12 school and joins a global network of 45 teaching kitchens including Stanford University, Google, Compass Group, and more.

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“The CHCA Teaching Kitchen gave me a unique opportunity to develop a successful business model, enabling me to develop my leadership and culinary skills, and perfectly preparing me for my first year at the Culinary Institute of America.”Max Vonderhaar, ‘21

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