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Why a Student-Run Coffee Bar?

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The Leaning Eagle Coffee Bar lets students gain an understanding of what is required in entrepreneurship and managing a small business while in a class that is far from boring.

Recently, the coffee bar has prioritized minimizing its carbon footprint by practicing sustainable techniques. These include only serving in compostable cups, educating customers about direct trade coffee and its benefits to coffee farmers, and purchasing local milk in glass bottles returned directly to the dairy. 

Part classroom, part business training, and part educational enrichment, The Leaning Eagle is all parts fun. 

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“Working at The Leaning Eagle has been a life-changing experience  as I have gained an understanding of how a business operates. This is a class that everyone should take because it might just change what you choose to pursue as a career.”Bella Randle '22 

The Leaning Eagle Mission Statement 

Provide customers with a truly unique coffee experience

Give employees a chance to gain real life entrepreneurial skills

Practice ethical and sustainable purchasing

Adapt to meet the needs of the student body

Serve as a center for community