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Curriculum Overview

How we equip future entrepreneurs with "book smarts" along with  practical savvy

US 9-12 students earn academic credit for courses specific to entrepreneurship, with the opportunity to be awarded a "CHCA Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Certificate" (shown on a CHCA transcript) upon completion of a capstone project. 

Like other upper level academic and arts courses, enrollment in a Entrepreneurship Internship course requires an application and interview.  Due to high demand, enrollment in that course is prioritized to students in first or second year. 

Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Courses

Perspectives of Entrepreneurship

Modeled after a college level seminar course, this class features podcast episodes and lectures from forward thinkers and leaders both locally and nationally. Subjects include market validation, customer interviews, industry analysis, and marketing principles. Additionally, many of the lessons will be focused on leadership principles and overall vision. This course is a core requirement for the Business Entrepreneurship Certificate Program and a prerequisite to all Entrepreneurship Internship courses.

Entrepreneurship InternshipS - Levels I-IV

Honors available for leadership teams of Student Run Businesses

  • Leaning Eagle Coffee Bar
  • Eagle Farms Greenhouse
  • Eagle Pizza, Co.
  • Fine Dining Culinary Club
  • New Tech Startup
  • Other Internships (On and off campus)
Collaboration with OCEAN Programs
  • Faith-based accelerator based in Cincinnati
  • 2 full year online courses for students in internships
  • Learning key aspects related to entrepreneurship
  • Combination of online learning + application at Entrepreneurship Internship
  • Financial Literacy (fully online)
  • Advanced Investing Honors
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Greenhouse Growing Systems
  • Elevated Wellness (fulfills Health requirement)
  • Culinary Arts: Foundations
  • Culinary Arts: Advanced (honors credit)

Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Certificate

CHCA offers an innovative approach to the entrepreneurship course of study. Because of the nature of the program, hands-on, active participation is not only encouraged, but required. Through this immersion into the course experience and on-campus internships, students emerge with real-world knowledge gained through their problem-based learning. This leads directly to a mastery which has tangible benefits not only in college and graduate school, but in life application.

Due to this mastery, CHCA students who complete the prescribed course of study for the entrepreneurship certificate program are awarded the CHCA Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Certificate upon graduation. It indicates the student’s mastery over the program’s content and paves the way for future work in a variety of related fields. In addition to a physical certificate, the student’s transcript includes an indication of the certificate award.


    One semester Perspectives on Entrepreneurship course
  1. Entrepreneurship Internship Level I
  2. Entrepreneurship Internship Level II
    • Internships can be two different businesses
    • Internships can be completed any time during Gr 9-12
    • Internships include online class from OCEAN
  3. One semester Financial Literacy course
  4. One semester of another Entrepreneurship elective - detailed above
  5. Complete Capstone Project (senior year)
“The classes I took in the Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Program, in addition to the capstone project I completed to earn the certificate, all helped me refine my goals and select the best college major for me."Gianna rodriguez, '21 

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