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Teaching Kitchen

2 Year 

Certificate Program  

Academic Programs focusing on:
  • Mastery of the entrepreneurial mindset
  • Participation in several student business internships
  • Completion of senior capstone project
eagle farms icon purple
3 Distinct 

Growing Spaces  

Eagle Farms enables:
  • PK-Gr 12 students to learn about the farm-to-school cycle
  • A student-run Marketplace to sell fresh produce and locally-sourced foods

Student Run Businesses

Multiple businesses let Gr 7-12 students learn real world business skills in innovative spaces
4000 sq foot


A state-of-the-art
fully automated year round
center for student learning


Entrepreneural Podcast features inspiring guests,
engaging conversations,
pertinent content

We're educating the entrepreneurs of the future and at CHCA, we believe education is far from boring.

We teach the entrepreneurs of the future to

The Entrepreneurship & Sustainability Program is more than just a business class—innovative education moves past classroom walls to teach real world problem solving skills and develop leadership potential. The key to success lies in hands-on learning—fostering the growth of life-long habits and values. We believe entrepreneurs are more than business owners—they are visionary problem-solvers, hard-working innovators, and empowered outside-the-box thinkers. 

Entrepreneurship comes alongside sustainability uniquely at CHCA as future entrepreneurs face a landscape of environmental change. We instill the importance of clear decisions based on moral integrity that consider the need to properly steward the earth.  This emphasis is a key part of our program and reflected through the sustainable practices of the student-run businesses—many of which center on food education.

"The program not only awakened my passion for being an entrepreneur, but also empowered me with leadership skills, curiosity, and a love of coffee I’ll carry for the rest of my life."Megan Peck '19 

CHCA Entrepreneurship & Sustainability

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