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xString Studio - Macy

Grade Levels: 6-12

String Studio serves two distinct purposes:

  • Chamber Ensemble Lessons (formerly Strings Club) - Eager string students play in an ensemble outside of class time to find a closer community in making music
  • Private Lessons - individual instruction for students enrolled in Orchestra class to refine concepts covered during class time and to have help with class assignments
Months: September - May
Practice Schedule & Makeup Policy: Monday- Fridays after school - each group/student will be given a set weekly time once enrollment is established.
  • Chamber Ensemble Lessons - 10 group lessons per semester; no makeup times if a student misses a lesson
  • Private Lessons - Makeup lessons provided for students who are ill and absent from school 
Practice Location: Founders' Campus Orchestra Room
Performance Schedule:
(Chamber Ensemble Lessons Only)

December – Christmas Concert and/or other Christmas related events
April – ArtBeat – Saturday (by audition)
May – Spring Concert – Weekday evening

Other Opportunities as they arise
Cost: Chamber Ensemble Lessons: $100 per semester (10 lessons per semester)
  • 3 student group - 30 minute lessons
  • 4-6 student group - 45 minute lessons
  • 7 or more student group - 60 minute lessons
Private Lessons (30 minutes):
  • $300 for 10 lessons
  • $150 for 5 lessons

Email  to add additional lessons to an existing registration.

Anticipated # of Students: 15
Expected Parent Involvement:
  • Transportation to performances - (Chamber Ensemble Lessons Only)
  • Respond to emails requesting student availability for extra performances
Sponsor / Contact Info:
Important Dates:

ALL parents should email for scheduling before registering.  

08/02/21 - Online registration opens
09/07/21 - Lessons begin

Email  to add additional sessions to an existing registration.