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New Student Orientation – Grades 10-12

US 10-12 New Student Orientation 2023
MSL Campus

Welcome to CHCA!!


It is important that all NEW Grade 10-12 students attend this orientation. We have a full agenda, so be assured that your student will have fun and feel prepared for the first day of school. Your student will leave this Orientation knowing where their classes are, the school rules, where their locker is located and so much more!  We want them to feel welcome and confident about the start of school.

What should they bring?

  • An empty stomach! We will provide lunch.
  • All medicines (epi-pens, Inhalers, OTC medicines) in a Ziplock bag with the student’s name marked clearly on the bag. All medications must be in their original container with the prescription on them OR a new, unopened bottle of over-the-counter medications labeled with your student’s name. Students will give these to the Nurse so they have them for the first day of school.  Please ensure all your medical forms are submitted on Magnus Health, accessible through your Veracross account, before the first day of school.
  • School Supplies to drop off at the front desk:
         US 10:  Minimum 2 boxes of tissues + 3 pads of post-it notes + 2 bottles hand sanitizer
         US 11:  Minimum 2 boxes of tissues + 2 packages of blue or black pens + 1 package of dry erase markers (regular-sized, not skinny)
         US 12:  Minimum 2 boxes of tissues + 2 packages of dry erase markers (regular-sized, not skinny) + 1 bottle hand sanitizer
  • Nothing else is needed (students will receive a print out of their schedule and no need for notebooks, pens, etc.).

What to wear?
Modest, casual attire. Please note, students will have their picture taken for the yearbook so please make sure they know to dress appropriately for the picture. No hats. Details and pre-ordering information will be posted with the Back to School information.

Can they have their phone?
Yes! They will need their phone to set up a few apps so please make sure they bring it.

What about sports practices that day?
Coaches are aware that our new students will be at Orientation during this time and will not be attending practice.

Do new students also go to US Kick-Off on 08/09/23?
Your student only needs to stay for half an hour to get their school photo taken and should be finished by 1:30pm. They are welcome to stay longer and meet some of their classmates if desired.

More details will be emailed to you at the end of June. If you have other questions, please contact Audrey Keyes at