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Gr 3-6 Youth Athletics

What Makes CHCA Youth Sports So Unique? 

Years ago, CHCA decided to host Youth Sports teams as an additional service to our families and students. This decision was based on creating opportunity for our students to be involved in athletics with other CHCA students of shared values. Other benefits include convenience and scheduling. But perhaps the most meaningful benefit and a key differentiation is the opportunity to build a holistic athletic culture of champions for the students, starting in the early years and building all of the way up until they reach the high school years.  Athletic coaches and trainers work with student athletes to prepare them spiritually, mentally, and physically for each phase of their development.  And our youngest students benefit from being mentored by our older students as well.  These opportunities help to not only build skills, but build community. 

We teach students at the youngest ages the importance of winning twice - on the scoreboard, and with good sportsmanship that honors God. We believe in playing our best and lending a hand to fallen opponents. We believe in leaving it all on the field and congratulating the other team (win or lose). Character matters, and that’s why we WIN TWICE.

"Our coaches utilize a top-down approach when developing our youth through varsity programs.” Eric Taylor, CHCA Athletic Director
Wally Vickers

Wally Vickers

Titles: Athletics Coordinator
Degrees: Xavier University
Mount Union College
Vickers is a graduate of Mount Union College and has a Masters Degree from Xavier University. He taught US History for years while coaching basketball and recently received Conference Coach of the Year. Wally is a past President of the Ohio High School Basketball Coaches Association and also the current Director of Events and Camps at ProCamps.