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Sports Performance and Athletic Training

Eagles in Training

It’s easy to get caught up in game day, forgetting all of the work that occurs before that point. But any successful athlete or coach confirms that the work put in on an early weekday morning, or in the extra hours after practice, makes all the difference in a season's outcome. A major part of how well an athlete performs is how they train and take care of themselves – their spirit, mind, and body.

The parallels among academics, service, fine arts, and athletics take many different forms from school to school, but at CHCA, you will find excellence throughout. The difference with CHCA student-athletes: they are being challenged to think critically during an AP Chemistry block bell the same way they do at their 6:00 a.m. performance workouts. When you talk about committing to a culture of champions, look no further. CHCA student-athletes stay on top with high academic rigor, continual service, and championship caliber seasons.

The sports performance team works with male and female athletes across all varsity sports.  We also integrate offsite training for student athletes grades 6-8.

Primary Objectives

  • Capture the complete athlete subjectively from a “life” perspective using CHCA’s wellness/readiness tracking program system
  • Set a strong foundation early in every student athlete's career with long term athletic development training programs so they can reach their optimal performance
  • Limit injury susceptibility by teaching student athletes injury prevention in conjunction with CHCA Sports Medical Staff, keeping our student athletes healthy, safe and as strong as possible
  • Equip all CHCA student athletes to carry out the CHCA sports performance recovery protocol pre/post activity
  • Positively affect the lives of each student-athlete through character building, leadership opportunities and goal setting
  • Welcome all athletes, where ever they are in their sports performance training journey
  • Encourage our athletes to use sweat equity to reach goals themselves and the coaching staff set in preparation for their sports season