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Our commitment to athletics is reflected by our diverse offerings: we field 70+ teams in 17 sports each year. It is evident in our widespread participation: 84% of our Gr 9-12 student body participates in at least one CHCA sport. And it is visible in our competitive success: Our teams have won 18+ state championships in the past four years.


Youth: Grades K-6


Youth: Grades K-6

Boy's Basketball (Gr 3-6)
Girl's Basketball (Gr 3-6)


Youth: Grades K-6

Boy's Track & Field (Gr K-6)
Girl's Track & Field (Gr K-6)
Boy's Lacrosse (Club: Gr 3-6)
Girl's Lacrosse (Club: Gr 3-6)
Boy's Baseball (Club: Gr 3-6)