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CHCA's day-long celebration of the Arts!

For more than 25 years, ArtBeat has brought our campuses together to showcase the God-given artistic talent throughout our community. Join us as we celebrate our students, the arts, and the creativity in all of us.

Hands on Art

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Lindner Theater Performance Schedule

Act 1 - 10:00

FC Premier Pops
The Serenaders
Aria Herbst
Keegan Sheanshang
Dance Team Level 2 Jazz
Charles Woodin
Grueter, Hoyos, Kraemer, Snyder, Wright
Molly Wang
FC Eagle Orchestra
Jenna Achterberg
Jake Kuhlman
Youen Zhu
Armleder Steppin' Starz
Dance Team Level 4 Pom
Parker Stranko
FC Eagle Ensemble
Arabella Isaacs
Sheanshang, Zurcher
Ezekiel Hendrix
EBL Gr K-1 Festival Choir
Instrumental Music Room:
6th Grade Strings - 10:00-10:15
6th Grade Band - 10:25-10:40

Act 2  - 11:15

Beckham Romanello
Gemma Lakanen
Dance Team Level 3 Jazz 
Vest, Zurcher
Armleder Celebration Choir
Lyla Pan
Olivia Pan
Aiden Jin
Benjamin Jin
MSL Lab Band
Carnes, Morris
Dance Team Level 4 CBT Contemporary Ensemble
Zoe Snyder
Grade 6 Art of Music
Beatty, Kruglov
Chen, Kraemer, Sivak, Smith, Wang, Woodin
EBL Gr 2-3 Festival Choir

Instrumental Music Room:
5th Grade Band - 11:15-11:30
5th Grade Strings - 11:40-11:55

Act 3  - 12:30

MSL Steel Drum Band
Woodin String Team
Ben Howell
Dance Team Level 4 Jazz
Lucy Beatty
Alice Polusmiak
Elpers, Henderson,  Pan, Sasse
Madelyn Stevens
Angelia Schmerr
Samuel Wright
Cureton, Cureton, Hudson, Sisney
Gr 6-8 Matilda, Jr. 
Victoria Aguilar
FC Gr 5 Art of Music
Aschbrenner, Beshear, Grueter, Snyder, Stevens
Northup, Williams
Hudepohl, Zuniga
EBL Melody Makers

Instrumental Music Room:
7-8th Grade Band - 12:30-12:50
Innovation Space 241C
Off the Cuff - 12:30-1:00

Act 4 - 1:45

FC Genesis Jazz Band
Espinosa, Espinosa
Kaitlyn Comstock
Dance Team Level 3 Lyrical
Mika Morris
Georgia Myers
Caleb Price
MSL Sinfonietta
MSL Men's & Women's Chorus 
Caroline Blair
Kovacs, Kovacs
Brooklyn Tapp
Alexandra Bruner
Armleder Gr 1-3 Choir
Andry, Glenn, Kazikhozhaev, Wright
FC Gr 4 Choir

Act 5 - 3:00

Gr 7-12 Children of Eden
Easwaran, Easwaran
Abby Fancett
Stephen Tait
MSL Sinfonietta Pops
Jackson, Sisney
Dance Team Level 4 Lyrical
Kyla Turvey
Java Kazikhozhaev
Madelynn Glenn
Gr 7-12 Pep Band
Lania Skinner
Tobi Aina
Aina, Aina
Dance Team Small Group Level 4 Jazz 
Bernal-Viani, Bernal-Viana
Beatty, Carnes, Morris, Rueter, Woodin
Natalie Hudepohl
MSL Electric Jazz Orchestra (EJO)

Volunteer Thursday or Friday
Volunteer Saturday

ArtBeat Avenue Performance Schedule

Act 1 - 10:00

Gaston, Gaston, Gaston
Abigail Sciotto
Lacey Nettling
Harrison Hopkins
Lilianna Toth
Leszkowicz, Leszkowicz
Fey Akintelure
Doran, Jones
Coleson Nettling
Leszkowicz, Stephenson
Bianconi, Blair, Jones, Sciotto
Aria Nolte
Johnson, Kronour, Schulte, Stevens
Alohna Danis-Walters
Sofia Kovacs
Allie Kovacs
Elizabeth O'Dell
Gwendolyn Ferrell
Remy Wallace
Tala Whembolua
Herbst, Kraemer
Seth Kronour
Fox, Fox
Sasse, Nolte
Kovacs, O'Dell
Si Ting Zheng
Olivia Aschbrenner

Act 2 - 11:15

Nguyen, Yates, Zhu
Nolan Stevens
Olivia Grueter
Leo Blumenauer
Jenna Hargrave
Ballish, Southern, Stiglitz
Benjamin Romanello
Aina, Flowers
Natalie Wickler
Campbell Beshear
Paige Huiet
Zhu, Zhu
Abigail Lutmer
Hannah Hendrix
Mackenzie Connor
Hannah Hopkins
Butrum, Snell
Dane Haeussler
Beshear, Grueter
Collins Brewer
Bennett Beucler
Kitan Aina

Act 3 - 12:30

Lilah Ahmed
MJ Akintelure
Andres Bianconi
Zhu, Zhu
Sara Brandenburg
Maya Rutishauser 
Chelsea Volchukova
Reynolds, Wallace, Whembolua
Chloe Chan
Anna Chan
Lauren Osborne
Max Stranko
Johanna Yates
Jin, Jin
Barok Giegziabher
Chan, Chan
Griffin Kraemer
Zander Sivak
Stranko, Woodin
Curreri, Zhu
Kennedy Butterick
Woodin, Woodin
Maci Connor
Cameron Marshall
Zuri Burt 
Chloe Nelson
Harper Nelson
Amaya Hamilton
Herbst, Woodin

Act 4- 1:45

Armleder Worship Team
Kovacs, Kovacs
Jorie Baker
Gia Fremder
Colvin, Woodin
Aly Verdin
Armleder String Chamber Ensemble: Drakeford,  Flowers, Harris, Helton, Hillman, Ruegg, Tait, Taveras Jones
Hollaender, Kirkland
Metcalf, Yates
Philip Woodin
Fletcher Colvin
Blankenstein, Fremder, Lutmer, Rush
Ewen, Tobin
Nolan Kaufman
Olivia Nguyen
Porter Schulte
Blair, Blair
Rowen Blair
Schulte, Schulte
Alanna Colvin
Maren Blair
Hollaender, Nguyen, Reis
Isaacs, Piper
Lily Metcalf
Emma Depoi
Blankenstein, Brandenburg, Fremder, Klueber, Lampkin, Nolte, Piper, Stull with the Beak Squad Robot, OMAR

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Where can I find more information?

Check out the ArtBeat page on our website! There you’ll find performance schedules (so you can see when your favorite groups will take the stage), hands-on-art project descriptions (so you can plan which stations to visit first), and so much more.

How can I get involved?

Volunteer: It takes more than 350 volunteers to make ArtBeat happen! Find out how you can help on Thursday/Friday or Saturday

*Please note: All volunteers, including students in grades 9-12, will need fingerprints on file with CHCA prior to the first time volunteering. If you have not been fingerprinted at CHCA, please make an appointment at the Welcome Center by emailing Judi Davis at

Provide baked goods: Stock our ArtBeat Bake Sale with goodies everyone will enjoy! All proceeds will go toward supporting the CHCA Arts program. Click here to donate items for the bake sale.

Be prepared with pre-event sales: Skip the line for hands-on-art tickets and snag a prime parking spot with pre-event sales. Buy yours here today.

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