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Alumni Board & Class Agents

Alumni are an important part of the CHCA community, and it takes a number of involved alumni volunteers to keep connected to the 2,000+ Eagles around the globe.

This group of alumni meet monthly to talk about what's happening at CHCA, how we can best inform and engage alumni, and to plan communications and events. Our vision is to create lasting relationships with our alumni that enable them to:

  • Connect with other alumni and the surrounding community
  • Engage post-graduation in a way that complements their season of life
  • Invest their time, talent, and treasure
  • Continue the legacy and join the CHCA community as parents.

Our meetings are always open to alumni, and we’d love to hear any of your questions, insights, or ideas. Just e-mail us at

Class Agents

Each class has a number of alumni that were either elected by their peers or recommended by faculty to represent their class. This responsibility includes keeping connected to CHCA and your peers, and planning your reunions.


Class of 1995

Jon Adams
Jason Born
Brian Kelly
Audrey (Duren) Keyes
Amanda (Poole) Perazzo

Class of 1996

Stef Adams
David Clabaugh

Class of 1997

Ben Beshear
Jamin Peters

Class of 1998

Krista (Stull) Adams
Mark Bass
Jessica (Martin) Snyder
Angie (Kelly) Vinup

Class of 1999

Jill (Fratianne) DiSaverio
Daniel Miller
Mylinh Pham
Kristen Stutz

Class of 2000

Valerie (Koch) Allen
Joey Ashbrook
Ryan Betscher
Krystal (Klendworth) Kleine
Casey (Sutherly) Purnhagen

Class of 2001

Jennifer (Castellano) Hampton
Jackie (Dobbins) Mason

Andrea Nelson
Matt Warren
Paige Whitney

Class of 2002

Dorian (Dostal) Edmonson
Wes Edmonson
Emily (Cool) Greener
Kaila (Harris) Heath
Cameron (Cooper) Psiaki
Jonathan Schuler


Class of 2003

Denis Beausejour
Nick Furtwengler
Ashley (Petersen) Harriman
Jennie (Dorl) Vose

Class of 2004

Robin Beshear
Kristin (Elzey) Dehmer
William Forston
Kevin Simowitz

Class of 2005

Becca Chait
Kate (Kersey) David
Cassie Dorl
Casi (McClellan) Egli
Nicole Martinkovic
Molly Phillips

Class of 2006

Becky Gorley
Dan Jepson
Caitlin Johnston
Chris McGuire
Brittany Wesson
Sara (Richart) Young

Class of 2007

Ryan Atkins
Nicole (Ruter) Brown
James Bronson
Victor Byrum
Alex (Brown) Chacksfield
Byrn Clark
Heidi (Monroe) Lofton
Katy (Perkins) Snell
Erin (Phelps) Suer

Class of 2008

Thomas Barnhart
Carrie Ratcliff
Taylor Strosnider
Scott Swallen
Andrew Zurlinden

Class of 2009

Margaux Andrews
Natalie Marks
Casee Seibert
Lena Tome

Class of 2010

Byrnn (Neyer) Boyd
Stephanie Harris
Alicia (Grant) Koch
Andrew Perkins
Ian Smith
Chris Taylor
Meg Weaver


Class of 2011

Blake Avery
Mariel Beausejour
Deeter Cesler
Sydney (Zimmerman) Dirling
Maddie Drees
Tim Overstreet
Josh Willmann

Class of 2012

Ted Andrews
Laura Atkins
Alexis Caruso
Cyle Cucinotta
Stephanie Grevey
Logan Lally
Ben Lapps
Ellen Packer
Ben Stevens
Meredith Stutz
Brian Taylor
Ben Tedrick

Class of 2013

Lindsey Bowden
Wes Braden
Maggie Brownrigg
Nick Caruso
Kathryn Easterday
Joe Kabalin
Spencer Meador
Bobby Paola
Jordan Smith
Kelsey Vice

Class of 2014

Mackenzie Ackerman
Ellie Coggins
Jess Elder
Nick Elder
Beth Hansford
Conner Kirbabas
Casey Ochs
Conner Osborne
Ellie Parker
Trenton Pfister
Michael Schwabe
Sid Young

Class of 2015

Morgan Avery
Taylor Budde
Christina Del Greco
Nathaniel Hipsley
Baylee Jackson
Delaney Kirbabas
Katie Koopman
Ryan Lussen
Noah Marshall
Chandler Meador
Bobby Mumma
Michael O'Brien
Rebecca Richart
Sam Ross
Tyler Swedes
Tommy Yates

Class of 2016

Parker Bach
Keziah Barker
Vince Colyer
Emma Conway
Joshua Debo
Claire Drosos
Christian Duborg
K.J. Durham
Guillermo Farfan Aguilar
Chelsea Feeney
Olivia Fette
Hope Hansee
Jaley Jones
Ariel McWhorter
Tegan Osborne
Evan Oyster
Emma Parker
Chazz Powell
Connor Sheehy
Will Siman
Alison Southerland
Blake Southerland
Daniel Stacy
Maggie Strasser
Emma Vanderkolk
Savannah Weber
Cassidy Yeomans