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GR 7-8 students in videography class
We don’t meet students in the middle ... we guide them forward.

I want to explore what makes ____ different at CHCA for Grades 7 and 8.

Athletes and Performers
  • Arts
  • Athletics/Teams

At CHCA we make sure that you can be part of not only sports, but indulge yourself in extra-curriculars as well. You aren't limited to the field or to the stage. You can do both.

student-athletes participating in CHCA's Performance Program
  • Athletics/Teams

Athletics camps (where you can play all summer long), baseball/softball training, athletic training facilities, and more ... At CHCA there are so many athletic opportunities. Here's more about our unique 360 Armor Program.

So Many Sports to Choose From
  • Athletics/Teams

Here at CHCA we offer 13 unique and different sports in three different seasons. What does that mean? With so many options, you can play sports all year round.

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