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GR 7-8 students in videography class
We don’t meet students in the middle ... we guide them forward.

I want to explore what makes ____ different at CHCA for Grades 7 and 8.

Gr 7-8 student run coffee bar
  • Clubs
  • Experiences
  • Leadership

Our students lead this entrepreneurship opportunity allowing our classmates to connect with each other by serving coffee, baked goods, and drinks - all while learning how to start and run a business.

We Make a Difference in Our School!
  • Clubs
  • Leadership

At CHCA, our student government has a huge influence on our student body. They not only plan socials and school events, but started a "Be Awesome" campaign that promotes a culture of kindness in our learning environment. How awesome is that?!

Gr 7-8 girl working on homework
  • Gr 9-12 Preparation
  • Leadership

Student Directed Learning (SDL) is every other day and allows students to use their time freely to get work done and ask teachers questions. This time gives us more responsibility and allows us to improve our work and time management skills. 

Gr 7-8 students at lunch in the cafeteria
  • Community
  • Leadership

Lunch time at CHCA is more than a lunch bell, it's a 40 minute bell where we can interact freely with our peers. We can use our time to socialize with each other at our outdoor field, playground, or gymnasium. We also offer a variety of clubs for students to attend during this time.

Gr 7-8 students during prayer time at chapel
  • Clubs
  • Faith
  • Leadership

At CHCA we focus on not only academics, but our faith as well. We know that with each year, there is much more to come for our Christian Studies classes, chapel, and prayer groups.

Gr 7-8 students in multimedia class
  • Leadership

Here we produce complete video segments to deliver weekly news to our peers. Our news station is completely student-led and allows students to always experience something new.

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