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GR 7-8 students in videography class
We don’t meet students in the middle ... we guide them forward.

I want to explore what makes ____ different at CHCA for Grades 7 and 8.

Gr 7-8 girl working on her laptop
  • Faith

In Christian Studies class, we learn more about Jesus's disciples, glittery temptations, the New Testament, and unpack the secret meaning of The Chronicles of Narnia.

Gr 7-8 students during prayer time at chapel
  • Clubs
  • Faith
  • Leadership

At CHCA we focus on not only academics, but our faith as well. We know that with each year, there is much more to come for our Christian Studies classes, chapel, and prayer groups.

Gr 7-8 students singing in chapel
  • Faith

Each week, students gather in the gym to worship, connect with God, and listen to his callings. We give praise to the Lord through song, then listen to a speaker talk to us about our faith in a way we can learn and grow from.

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