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GR 7-8 students in videography class
We don’t meet students in the middle ... we guide them forward.

I want to explore what makes ____ different at CHCA for Grades 7 and 8.

Gr 7-8 students at lunch in the cafeteria
  • Community
  • Leadership

Lunch time at CHCA is more than a lunch bell, it's a 40 minute bell where we can interact freely with our peers. We can use our time to socialize with each other at our outdoor field, playground, or gymnasium. We also offer a variety of clubs for students to attend during this time.

Mrs. Null with Gr7-8 science student
  • Community

Our teachers are here for you and willing to work one-on-one with you. They want to see you succeed academically and put forth their effort to make sure that you do! They care about each of us individually and encourage us to start our very own student-led opportunities.

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