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GR 7-8 students in videography class
We don’t meet students in the middle ... we guide them forward.

I want to explore what makes ____ different at CHCA for Grades 7 and 8.

Gr 7-8 student run coffee bar
  • Clubs
  • Experiences
  • Leadership

Our students lead this entrepreneurship opportunity allowing our classmates to connect with each other by serving coffee, baked goods, and drinks - all while learning how to start and run a business.

Group of Gr7-8 students cleaning up leaves during week of serivice
  • Experiences

Intersession is a fun week of no "school work" where we volunteer at places such as camps and farms or travel on mission trips. It is a great time of learning and serving with your friends.

CHCA's grade 7-12 Upper School Pep Band students stand on court during Cleveland Cavaliers opening
  • Arts
  • Experiences

Where else can you perform during halftime at a Cleveland Cavaliers game and a month later be spotted on stage performing in the high school musical? At CHCA we have many unique performing opportunities!

One of the City's Largest Arts Festivals!
  • Arts
  • Experiences

Students from all four campuses perform on three different stages, 1,000+ pieces of student artwork on display, a juried art competition for high schoolers, hands-on arts and crafts for attendees of all ages, professional and student artists demonstrate their work, and delicious food and drink.

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