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Welcome. Bienvenidos. Willkommen. Salvete. 欢迎. Bienvenue. ようこそ. Salve. Добро пожаловать!

Hospitality, engagement, and mutual enrichment - these words capture the heart of CHCA’s vision for our International Student Program and its impact for both national and international students. In 2007, we welcomed three Korean students who wished to complete high school in the United States.  International students are now an intentional and vital part of life and community at the Upper School. Home to one of the largest programs in our region and hosting students from 25+ countries, CHCA continues to strive for a strong cross-cultural program with students from around the globe.
Group of CHCA International Students
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What makes the CHCA International experience exceptional?
  • Rigorous academics
  • English language mastery
  • Command of American culture, business, and leadership
  • Full community involvement and integration
  • Dedicated program staff focused on academics, community integration, and student support

Mutually Enriching

We welcome students to develop as individuals who make an impact on the world. We cultivate students who engage in the world with an attitude of openness, curiosity, and willingness to ask critical questions. We create a student-centered, mutually enriching environment where all students can reflect and grow in a global community.


International students are a vital part of our community. CHCA international students experience meaningful immersion into American culture and history while increasing their knowledge of English. We share life outside the classroom through world-class opportunities in athletics, robotics, visual and performing arts, service, and entrepreneurial studies.

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Be the star of the show, work behind the scenes, or learn technical skills with lighting and sound.

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Work with mentors to build and program on our world-champion robotics team.

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Visual Arts

Learn the basics or build your pre-professional portfolio in our well-equipped art studio.

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Service is a central part of the educational philosophy at CHCA. You will learn to use your gifts and talents to benefit your community.

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Izzy's Story

Entrepreneurial Studies

Learn the keys to business success!  You can even earn a 2-year certificate in entrepreneurship and sustainability. 

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Score points in team or individual sports, cheer on the Eagles from the sidelines, or strength-train with our highly skilled athletic coaching staff.

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Eagle Farms

Grow food from seeds in our state of the art hydroponic greenhouse.  Lead in our student-run agri-business where CHCA greenhouse produce is sold directly to consumers on the Eagle Farms website.

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Teaching Kitchen

Unique to CHCA, the Teaching Kitchen is an extension of our state-of-the-art greenhouse where students learn how to prepare healthy, sustainable food.

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College Counseling

Work individually with a dedicated counselor to navigate your college preparatory experience. 

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For two weeks each year, grade 9-12 students travel the globe. Hands-on learning on nearly every continent takes knowledge from classroom walls to historical, scientific, and awe-inspiring sites around the world.

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Host Families

Most international students deepen their experience by living with a local host family.  There you experience the nuances of American culture through shared meals, family time, and daily life.

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Instrumental Music

Be the opening act for world-famous musicians, play in the pep band for sporting events, perform in our 513-seat theater, or showcase your talent in venues throughout the city or around the world. 

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Our Highly Qualified Team:

Melissa Juneau

Director of International Student Programs

Sharon Figgs

Assistant Director

University Acceptances & Matriculations

A sampling of where our most recent graduates may continue their academic careers.
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