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What does Choosing MORE at CHCA mean for 2020-2021?

Your student’s educational experience matters MORE than ever. Staying academically, relationally, and spiritually connected matters MORE than ever. During this time when the world tells us we can’t do much, we’re pressing into MORE by leveraging the innovative talents of our faculty, staff, and students.

"We strongly advocate that all policy considerations for the coming school year should start with a goal of having students physically present in school.”
 The American Academy of Pediatrics

MORE Approaches to Stay Connected in the Classroom

With Remote Learning options for students that include state-of-the art technology such as SWIVL, students who choose to or need to be remote for health reasons can. SWIVL is an artificial intelligence tool that makes it possible for students to participate live in the classroom. In addition to SWIVL serving as an extension of Zoom to enhance students’ Zoom experiences, teachers will be able to screen cast select lessons for viewing anytime.

See SWIVL in Action

Student learning remotely
CHCA girls Bible study group collecting canned goods

MORE Ways to Stay Relationally Connected To Peers

We know that engaged students do better academically and emotionally. We want students to stay physically healthy, but we know that peer interaction is also necessary for their emotional well-being. Upper School Director of Counseling Kara Ussery shares her perspective on school reimagined for 2020-2021.

Read this Counselor/parent's perspective

MORE Hands-On Learning Opportunities

The Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Program at CHCA is more than just a business class—it is a real-world exploration where innovative education moves past classroom walls. This student-centric program provides opportunities to solve real world problems in a variety of leadership roles. While the program offers a number of student-run businesses (including the coffee and smoothie bar with a full espresso menu, the horticulture management group with an e-commerce platform, and the teaching kitchen with farm-to-table practices) the emphasis is firmly rooted in student-centric growth. At CHCA, we provide students with the necessary tools to develop skills that will lead them to future success.

CHCA teaching kitchen sign
Student delivering doughnuts to Corrections academy employees

MORE Ways to Serve

CHCA’s Student Organized Service (SOS) exists to build up student leaders who provide service opportunities for all Upper School students. While some of their service opportunities have been rescheduled, or canceled altogether due to COVID-19, many SOS groups are finding new ways to serve their peers, their community, and Greater Cincinnati in a remote capacity. They are even connecting our youngest CHCA students to service as well!

Learn How Service Shifted

MORE Ways to Keep Student-Athletes Thriving

Athletes regularly train with strict safety protocols in place. At CHCA, even in the absence of competition due to COVID, our student-athletes stayed connected and strong due to a committed Sports Performance Team, state-of-the-art training tools, and dedicated coaches.  The Eagle Nation pivoted and continued to build their 360° Armor.

Imagine Athletics without Competition

Upper School athlete in the Sports Performance center
Sara Pan's digital art work self portrait

MORE Ways to Flourish in the Arts

Our wide range of visual & performing arts means students can discover, cultivate, and hone their gifts. Top-notch facilities and outstanding teachers mean they get the best conditions in which to grow, be challenged, and do their best work. And even during the pandemic, CHCA’s Fine Arts Department did not miss a beat.  We still presented the city's largest school fine arts festival (ArtBeat) and the full schedule of theater performances and most camps.  For those who know us well, there was never a doubt that the shows would go on!

See how ArtBeat went on(line)
Performing without an Audience

MORE Ways to Thrive as a Community

#CHCAStrong. During these challenging times, the “unity” in “community” is more important than ever before, and CHCA has more opportunities to stay connected. All-school events throughout the year keep families engaged and connected, and there are several opportunities for families to participate.  Feed CHCA's Spiritual Life with Trilogy Moms’ Bible Studies, a Fathers’ Group, or grade level Prayer Teams.  Meet other adults through the Diversity Task Force, the New Family Ambassador or family potlucks.  These along with a strong social media connection enable families to connect in countless ways throughout the year.

Upper School teacher speaking with students in the Innovation center
“In a society filled with fear and anxiety, contention and conflict, Christ calls us to be agents of His hope.  We look ahead confidently and boldly, yet full of hope and joy, for what God will accomplish among our students and our community this year!”
 Dr. Dean Nicholas, CHCA Asst. Head of School
Young students studying US map

MORE Opportunities to Afford a CHCA Education

An investment in your child’s education at Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy yields a lifetime of returns. Here, you can watch your child fulfill their full potential and graduate prepared to flourish in life’s future endeavors. We offer merit scholarships, need-based tuition assistance and Ohio EdChoice to help families who qualify make a CHCA education a reality.

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There are countless ways students get to experience MORE at CHCA.

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